Вітання з Новим роком та Різдвом англійською мовою

Курси англійської мови ”School of English” щиро вітають усіх, хто вивчає англійську мову, з Новим роком та Різдвом. Бажаємо в новому році відвідати одну з англомовних країн НА ШАРУ !!!!!!! Даруємо вам різдвяну пісеньку, колядку та зразки новорічних привітань.



Jingle Bells 

Jingle bells, jingle bells,
jingle all the way!
Oh, what fun it is to ride
On a one-horse open sleigh!
Repeat chorus
Dashing through the snow,
On a one-horse open sleigh,
Over the fields we go,
Laughing all the way!
Bells on bob-tails ring,
Making spirits bright –
What fun it is to ride and sing
A sleighing song tonight!
A day or two ago
I thought I’d take a ride,
And soon Miss Fannie Bright
Was seated by my side.
The horse was lean and lank,
Misfortune seemed his lot,
He got into a drifted bank,
And we, we got upset.
A day or two ago,
The story I must tell
I went out on the snow
And on my back I fell.
A gent was riding by
On a one-horse open sleigh,
He laughed as there I sprawling lay,
But quickly drove away.
Now the ground is white,
Go it while you’re young,
Take the girls tonight
And sing this sleighing song.
Just get a bob-tailed bay
Two-forty as his speed,
Hitch him to an open sleigh
And crack! you’ll take the lead.

Ring the Bells by Harry Bolback

Ring the bells, ring the bells, let the whole world know
Christ was born in Bethlehem many years ago.

Born to die that man might live, came to earth new life to give,
Born of Mary, born so low many years ago.

God the Father gave His Son, gave His own Beloved One
To this wicked, sinful earth to bring mankind His love new birth.

Ring the bells, ring the bells, let the whole world know
Christ the Savior lives today as He did so long ago!

New Year Greetings 

New Year greetings come to you
Along with heartfelt wishes too.
May all you do meet with success,
And bring you every happiness.

May your Holiday Season
Be merrier and happier,
And the New Year brighter
Than ever before.

Good friends – good times,
Good health – good cheer,
And happy days throughout the year.

Each time an old year closes
And we start a year that’s new
We think of those we care about
As I now think of you.
And so for you, my special friend,
I wish with all my heart
Happiness to fill each day
Of the year that we now start.

Wishing you friends at your fireside,
Happiness in your home,
And joy in your heart.

Happy New Year!
We want you to be happy and healthy!
Much success in your life.
Let the New Year be happy!

Wishing you both the happiest things,
The very nicest Christmas brings.
Happy Christmas to both of you.

Have a truly wonderful Christmas time
That’s filled with festive joy and cheer for you.

Best wishes for a joyous
Christmas and a Happy New Year.

You’re all so very special –
You have so many ways
Of adding warmth and happiness
To ordinary days.
That’s why it’s only natural
When Christmas times is here
To think of you and wish you joy
That lasts throughout the year.
Happy Christmas and
All the best in New 2017 Year.

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